Scout is always free to use for customers, the price you offer is the price you pay – always !

Scout has charges for merchants, this is 100% success based, no success no charge.

The Scout Shopify App is free to install, contact for onboarding assistance and to have your account and preferences set up on Scout.

Scout charges a flat 5% commission to merchants on all sales we introduce, this is only on sales that are completed using a Scout voucher through Shopify, any sales not completed via Scout are unaffected and will not have commission applied.

Commission is based on the voucher value not the original price.

Vouchers that are issued but not redeemed do not attract commission.

Scout is always totally free to use for your customers.

At the end of each month Scout will provide an itemised, detailed report on the transactions in along with a payment request into Shopify for the commission at 5% of the total redeemed voucher value.

We process all offers in your local currency, this is selected during the on boarding process, Scout can operate in any currency supported by Shopify.

At the end of each month Scout totals all the commission to be paid and converts this into US $ as Shopify only processes charges in this currency. We use an exchange rate that is calculated as outlined in our agreement provided at the on boarding point and the rate is publicly available for transparency.

Our detailed report shows all the transactions and all in the currency used for the transaction, this detailed report is provided free of charge as part of the Scout offering.

The report as a minimum shows the voucher code (used to identify the transaction), the original price, the sale price, the date the voucher was used, and the commission earned by Scout.

If you need more information or clarification on charges from Scout please email and we will be pleased to assist